Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outdoor Fun

When living in a place as beautiful as Southern Utah, you can't let a season of summer pass you by without visiting many of the National or State parks that are close by. As usual, when outdoors, it is impossible for me to keep my kids close by. I have a son who loves to climb and roam on anything within his reach, and a daughter who loves to explore nature by feeling, stirring, and just plain getting really dirty.

We were able to do some camping near the beginning of the summer as part of a family reunion. We camped in Zion and went hiking and exploring near the river. Jimmy enjoyed wading through the river and having a water fight with his uncles.Tori enjoyed peering into puddles and examining the many different insects that were in abundance.
We were also able to make a trip to Snow Canyon State Park. Jimmy enjoyed scaling the red rock mountains and climbing as high as he could. Tori continued to be intrigued by puddles & bugs.
It was a cold windy day. Later on we went to the sand dunes, but as soon as we sat down to play, a pouring rain storm rolled in & we ended up running for shelter as fast as we could. So, no picture of the infamous sand dunes to post.

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